Genetic Analysis| Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair services for Applied Biosystems equipment.

Repair Services

We can make the first diagnosis via telephone to reduce the number of interventions and optimize costs.

Preventive Maintenance

Includes an annual visit to check the unit and clean it internally as per OEM guidelines to assure correct functionality and prevent breakdowns.

Maintenance Contracts

Include preventive maintenance and unlimited number of repairs and spare parts. We offer taylor made solutions to fit our clients' needs.

DNA Sequencers

  • ABI 310
  • ABI 3100/Avant
  • ABI 3130/xl
  • ABI 3730/xl
  • ABI 3500/xl
  • ABI 3500 Dx/xl

Real Time PCR

  • ABI 7000
  • ABI 7300
  • ABI 7500/Fast
  • ABI 7900HT
  • Step One/Plus

PCR Thermocyclers

  • ABI Multiblock
  • ABI 9600
  • ABI 9700
  • ABI 2700
  • ABI 2720
  • ABI Veriti